Sips from the Haterade Cooler – All About Egos

This week’s Haterade theme is all about egos. Athletes have them, and that comes as no surprise. These grown men are paid millions of dollars to catch, dunk and hit balls all day long. Fans rave over them, request autographs, buy jerseys, and feed their need for attention and fame with every breath. So it comes as no surprise when these highly paid, Prima Donna’s start getting their egos hurt.

Learn to Keep Score at a Baseball Game

There is a lot that one could keep track of during the course of a baseball game, but hopefully these basics can get you started on accurately keeping a baseball scorebook. As you get more experience, you can come up with your own twists and easy ways to keep track of the game’s events. Eventually you will be able to look at a baseball scorebook and know exactly what happened during the course of the game. You can visualize every hit, every strikeout and every putout – just like you were there.