(Do The) Triple Crown – Broadside Ballad Edition

Broadside Ballads - The Baseball Project

Joey Votto and Albert Pujols aren’t the only ones growing attention to MLB’s Triple Crown award. A recently released set of singles, titled “Broadside Ballads” by The Baseball Project has baseball and rock ‘n roll fans perking up their ears. It’s a fun meshing of two of America’s favorite longstanding pastimes featuring song titles such as (Do The) Triple Crown, Lima Time, Cubs 2010 and more.

After giving the album a few listens while at work, I found myself humming the tunes during meetings and in the car on the way home (especially Lima Time).

According to their site, more singles will be added throughout the 2010 MLB season, usually revolving around newsworthy events. If anything catchy comes along, you can be sure that I will post about it, but for now, the six singles available for free on their site will have to keep us entertained.