The All Sports Talk Major League Baseball Bandwagon – Opening Week

Opening Week

With so many MLB games going on each week, there are plenty of chances for teams to improve their situation – or make it worse.  We have taken it upon ourselves to identify the teams that will do better or worse in the upcoming weeks, so you can plan your bandwagon transportation accordingly.

Hop Onboard – Things Will Get Better

  • Boston Red Sox – They are off to an 0-6 start, but nothing will kick them back into shape like a weekend series with the Yankees. Don’t count the Sox out just yet.
  • St. Louis Cardinals – This team is chock full of talent, but nobody is hitting the ball right now. Once King Albert realizes that he is in a contract year and starts crushing the ball all over the yard this team will inevitably do better.

Don’t Bother – They’ve Peaked Out

  • Pittsburgh Pirates – They have a winning record for what seems like the first time in 20 years.  But let’s be reasonable, nobody expects this to continue, probably not even the Pirates themselves.
  • Baltimore Orioles – We love what is going on in Baltimore, but we just don’t have the confidence that they can hang on.  Their success has come at the expense of the Rays and Tigers – not exactly two teams who are killing it right now.  Sell before they have to play the Yankees or Blue Jays.

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Jump Off – It’s Not Improving

  • Barry Bonds – His steroid hearing is not helping his popularity among fans in the least – and from what we hear, things aren’t expected to turn out in his favor.
  • Seattle Mariners – They’ve lost four straight to the division rival A’s and Rangers and now host an Indians team that is brimming with confidence.  We might normally advise to hang on, but it is doubtful that this team will bounce back.

Hang On to Your Hat – You Could Take Off

  • Texas Rangers – At 6-0, you can’t really get a whole lot better than that, but I would definitely hang on to their stock as this team seems poised to repeat as AL West champs.
  • Milwaukee Brewers – Lots of people were high on this team at season’s start, including us.  Their rocky start to the season has quite a few jumping off the bandwagon, but we advise holding onto them.  The Pirates and Cubs ahead of them in the NL Central probably won’t be there in a couple weeks.

Just remember: All Sports Talk is not responsible for any money lost buying hats/jerseys of your new “favorite” team or money owed to bookies or loan sharks if you rack up excessive gambling debt based on our projections .



  1. What did I tell you, Aaron? Bomb in spring training, tear it up when the season starts. CWS FTW

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