Red Sox Sweep a Must for a Struggling Team

As a part of Red Sox Nation, I want be to believe that the two wins against the Twins could be just what the team needs to get back on track. Deep down I know the season ahead has potential to be quite difficult.

Every Red Sox fan knows that loving this team is hard sometimes. Seeing the way last season started, and now seeing the struggle of this season makes me guarded in terms of getting my hopes up.

With two key outfielders injured, a lackluster pitching staff, and a dugout without team morale we’re in for a rough ride. Add in a manager who is less than discreet in his opinions and you’ve got the whole deal.

I have always felt that regardless of team injuries, as long as morale was high we could get where we needed to be. This is the key part that has me a little unwilling to start cheering on a Twins sweep.

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It may seem a little romantic to think that morale is what could change everything for this team, but think about how much it really does influence a franchise, a fan base, and a player.

There’s a reason we baseball fans talk about our teams as though we are part of them, and there’s a reason we feel the pain of a loss or a defeat as much as any player does. Team morale is what makes baseball so full of passion, it’s what we buy into and what we give over our souls for.

The Red Sox, regardless of record, always seemed to pick each other back up and keep trekking forward toward a win. If they’re going to regain that momentum this season then not only are they going to have to cheer each other on, but Bobby Valentine is going to have to step up his game as well.


There’s only so much Red Sox nation can do for our boys, and the rest really is up to them.

Here’s hoping for a win tonight, and the continued break in our losing streak.

About the Author: Monique Ornelas is an author and owner at Storylight Publishing. She’s also a self-proclaimed member of Red Sox nation and an avid baseball fan.