The Lakers Will Win Tonight Because the NBA is Rigged

Kobe Bryant Will Need to Shoot Less for the Lakers to Win Tonight

Just kidding, but the Lakers will win tonight for a number of reasons, one of which might include some favorable calls at home tonight. With their championship lives on the line tonight at the Staples Center in LA, the Lakers will have to find an answer for Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and…I’m forgetting someone – oh yeah, Rajon Rondo.

The reasons that the Lakers will win tonight are simple:

  • The Game is in LA at the Staples Center where LA is nearly impossible to beat.
  • Kevin Garnett’s Intimidation Tactics will not work tonight. He will pick up ticky-tack fouls and be sitting on the bench next to Pierce and Allen who will also be in foul trouble.
  • Phil Jackson is a Great Motivator – If you think that MJ was the only reason the Bulls were so good in the 90’s, you’re crazy
  • Kobe will be too tired to score or shoot as much as he did in games 4 and 5, which actually bodes well for the Lakers believe it or not. In the 2010 playoffs, with the exception of the opening round against the OKC Thunder, Kobe has averaged a shade of 31 PPG in the Lakers win’s and over 33 PPG in their losses. I know that this is not a large margin, but the two or three shots per game needed to score those extra points could be distributed to players like Pau Gasol or Lamar Odom. With other players more involved in the game, the Lakers have a better shot.
  • The NBA is rigged and wants to squeeze as many marketing dollars out of this series as possible. Almost nothing is as marketable as Celtics vs. Lakers in the NBA finals.

See you tonight at Game 6 of the NBA Finals!