Hot Places to Watch the Super Bowl

If you’ve completely alienated yourself from your friends with your stereotypically obnoxious NFL fan behavior; or if you just want a change of scenery at this year’s Super Bowl, consider these alternatives to the typical Super Bowl Sunday House Party.

Niche Sports Bar

We aren’t talking Buffalo Wild Wings or any other mass-produced chain sports bar around the country, we are talking bars so niche that they might only be open a few times a year.  If your favorite team is playing in this year’s Super Bowl (1/16 chance right?), do some research and find a sports bar in your area that is specific to that team.  You will get to cheer loud and proud for your team, without worrying about offending any non-supporters at whatever house party you might be attending. If you’ve never watched a game as big as the Super Bowl with dozens of fans all rooting for the same thing, you definitely need to experience it.

Las Vegas, NV

This place is a gambler’s paradise and the Super Bowl is perhaps one of the most bet-on sporting events of the year. If you have a penchant for putting your money where your mouth is, then Las Vegas will be the perfect place to go for this year’s Super Bowl. Here you will find a wealth of Super Bowl parties (pre-game, viewing, and post-game), casinos and the best sports books in the country. Besides, if you come from a place with harsh winters, it might be nice to visit a mild, warm climate during the bitter winter months. If any of these reasons for visiting Las Vegas for the Super Bowl appeal to you, grab a plane ticket (hotel room is optional in Vegas), and head on out to watch the Super Bowl in a unique way.

Tailgate Party

OK, so maybe you weren’t able to scrounge together enough money to get an actual ticket to this year’s Super Bowl. It’s ok because you can do the next best thing – tailgate in the parking lot during the day of the game. You will get all of the pre-game excitement that the Super Bowl brings, even if you aren’t able to make it inside the stadium for the big game itself.  You will have plenty of opportunities to snap photos with fans and cheerleaders, win some Super Bowl swag, and maybe (MAYBE) get an autograph.  If you post your pictures to Facebook just right, you might even be able to convince your friends that you were at the game (because technically you were).

So if you’re tired of the same old, same old for the Super Bowl, branch out and try something exciting and new. If you’ve done any of these before or if you have a suggestion for a great way to watch the Super Bowl, let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Vegas is gamblers paradise and you are correct that it is the place to be. Having lived there 18 years I enjoyed watching the SB at the MGM Sports Book or at a private party… that I’m currently living in Greece I miss that stuff!

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