How the Jets can Beat the Patriots in Week 7

When the New York Jets take on the New England Patriots in week 7 of the 2015 NFL season, it will have a huge impact on the division standings.  With the Jets sporting a 4-1 record, and the Patriots at 5-0, a win by New York will put them in a tie for the AFC East division lead – a loss will put them two games back.

How the Jets Can Win

  1. Limit Turnovers: This goes without saying for just about any team, but the Jets have been excellent when turnovers are limited, and the Patriots take full advantage of any extra possessions they get. If Fitzpatrick can avoid interceptions and Ivory can hang on to the ball, the Jets will be in a great position to win.
  2. Jam the Receivers: The Patriots excel at running short routes, relying on Yards after Catch (YAC) from their receivers. This is driven by necessity as much as preference, since the Patriots offensive line is pretty banged up. The goal has been to get the ball out of Brady’s hands as quickly as possible and he has been razor sharp all year long. Not allowing Patriot’s receivers any cushion or room to make moves after the catch will stifle the offense.
  3. Run. The. Football.: The Patriots have been surprisingly good on defense this year, but they are not without their flaws. Backs have been able to have success on the ground, and that matches up nicely with the Jets strengths. Keeping the ball out of Brady’s hands will limit the amount of damage he can do on offense. Running the ball also limits the opportunities for the New England secondary to force turnovers.