Week 11: NFL Game Wrap-Up

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arizona-cardinals-200Arizona Cardinals – Palmer struggled early against the team he quit on, but in the end led the game winning drive to really stick it to the Bengals.

atlanta-falcons-200Atlanta Falcons – Ugh, just ugh. I can’t even talk about this team anymore.

baltimore-ravens-200Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens finally won a close game, but unfortunately it required the sacrifice of Justin Forsett’s arm and Joe Flacco’s ACL.

buffalo-bills-200Buffalo Bills – This defense put up the best numbers against Tom Brady this year, but the offense was anemic.

carolina-panthers-200Carolina Panthers – Cam Newton almost gave away half of the 12 game balls. I can’t wait to see the letters written about him this week.

chicago-bears-200Chicago Bears – Jay did his best without two of his biggest weapons (Forte & Jeffrey), but the two-point play-call left us scratching our heads.

cincinnati-bengals-200Cincinnati Bengals – Dalton actually played well, but mid-game injuries definitely took their toll on this defense.

cleveland-browns-200Cleveland Browns – No Game. No Recap.

dallas-cowboys-200Dallas Cowboys – Nobody should ever talk trash about Romo again… 3-0 with him, 0-7 without.

denver-broncos-200Denver Broncos – Nobody knew who Brock Osweiler was before this week, but after one win we all think he’s fit to replace Manning?

detroit-lions-200Detroit Lions – Back to back wins are really ruining the Lions’ chances at drafting in the top 5 this year.

green-bay-packers-200Green Bay Packers – Not hating, but one good week doesn’t erase the memory of the three previous weeks where the offense looked awful – let’s wait and see if they can put it together again on a short week.

houston-texans-200Houston Texans – Strong defense AND offense? Houston made a statement and inserted themselves right into the AFC Playoff race.

indianapolis-colts-200Indianapolis Colts – Matt Hasselbeck is undefeated as a starter, which makes you wonder why the Colts front office insisted on playing an injured Andrew Luck.

jacksonville-jaguars-200Jacksonville Jaguars – So it wasn’t the prettiest win, but anytime you can beat a rival and avoid last place in the division is a good thing.

kansas-city-chiefs-200Kansas City Chiefs – This defense is as punishing as any in the league right now and has the Chiefs on the doorstep of the playoffs.

miami-dolphins-200Miami Dolphins – The ‘fins can’t seem to get the offense and defense playing well at the same time, which is a big part of the reason why they are 4-6.

minnesota-vikings-200Minnesota Vikings – When a statement needed to be made, the Vikings laid down. If they can’t keep Bridgewater upright, the offense will continue to suffer.

new-england-patriots-200New England Patriots – The Patriots mantra of “Next Man Up” is working for now, but at what point do the Patriots run out of warm bodies at the skill positions?

new-orleans-saints-200New Orleans Saints – No Game. No Recap.

new-york-giants-200New York Giants – No Game. No Recap.

new-york-jets-200New York Jets – The question heading into the season was whether the offense could play well enough to support this defense – now neither unit is playing well and their playoff chances are slipping away.

oakland-raiders-200Oakland Raiders – Somewhere the clock on the Raiders season struck midnight and the Raiders turned into… well, the Raiders.

philadelphia-eagles-200Philadelphia Eagles – This latest loss has to be the beginning of the end for Chip Kelly, right?

pittsburgh-steelers-200Pittsburgh Steelers – No Game. No Recap.

san-diego-chargers-200San Diego Chargers – It’s tough to say exactly what went wrong in the Chargers latest loss, so we will just say “everything.”

san-francisco-49ers-200San Francisco 49ers – No way the Niners were expected to win that game, but we aren’t used to seeing this defense miss so many tackles.

seattle-seahawks-200Seattle Seahawks – Seattle can beat up on all the little guys all day long, which bodes well for them because the league is just average this year.

saint-louis-rams-200St. Louis Rams – Jeff Fisher was so determined to keep Foles on the bench that a clearly dazed Case Keenum was left in the game, eventually committing the game-ending turnover.

tampa-bay-buccaneers-200Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Jameis grew up an Eagles fan, and apparently he let out all his frustrations on them this game, throwing for five touchdowns.

tennessee-titans-200Tennessee Titans – The Titans should really be playing for another top draft pick, considering they are likely in year 1.0.0 of their rebuilding project

washington-redskins-200Washington Redskins – Washington claimed that it owned the state of Carolina, but didn’t exactly let their play on the field back things up.


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    1. Glad you like it. The format for this piece is just a quick one-liner about each team in their most recent game. There are other pieces on the site that go into much more detail, so keep coming back!

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