Week 9: NFL Game Wrap-Up

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Arizona Cardinals – No Game. No Recap.

Atlanta Falcons – We’re not quite sure if this team has hit rock bottom yet – but losing to Blaine Gabbert has to be pretty close.

Baltimore Ravens – No Game. No Recap.

Buffalo Bills – At least we can go another week without hearing how Sammy Watkins doesn’t see enough balls.

Carolina Panthers – Back to back weeks the Panthers have let their opponents back in the game, but still 8-0 is 8-0.

Chicago Bears – Not good enough for a playoff spot; not bad enough for a high draft pick – these are your 2015 Chicago Bears.

Cincinnati Bengals – Vontaze Burfict had missed most of the season, but he is making up for lost time with plays like this.

Cleveland Browns – Mike Pettine didn’t even wait until the game was over to call out Johnny Football… That can’t be good.

Dallas Cowboys – These past 5 weeks have shown just how important Tony Romo is to the team.

Denver Broncos – Vernon Davis said he needed to get acclimated to winning again – the Broncos are giving him another week to adjust.

Detroit Lions -No Game. No Recap.

Green Bay Packers – Back to back games on the road against undefeated teams isn’t easy for anyone, but you have to think a Super Bowl contender could win one or at least keep it close.

Houston Texans – No Game. No Recap.

Indianapolis Colts – Well what do you know – it was Pep Hamilton’s fault. Chuck Pagano lives another week.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Do you know what the sign of a bad team is? Even when you play your best all season, it’s still not enough.

Kansas City Chiefs – No Game. No Recap.

Miami Dolphins – They say you get a two-game boost when firing your head coach. Apparently that’s all you get.

Minnesota Vikings – Not a lot of love between Minnesota and DC Greg Williams, but the real question is – why does he hate Minnesota so much?

New England Patriots – Bloody Sunday caught up with the Patriots this week. We fully expect them to hold open tryouts for O-Linemen.

New Orleans Saints – This defense is bad. Like worst defense in the league bad.

New York Giants – With each win, the prophecy of the Giants winning a Super Bowl every four years seems more realistic (2007, 2011, 2015?)

New York Jets – 5-3 isn’t a bad mark at this point in the season and with the rest of the AFC riddled by injuries, the playoffs are within reach.

Oakland Raiders – West Coast teams never play well during early games. The offense showed up but the defense let them down.

Philadelphia Eagles – Maybe this win will show the Philly receivers what can happen when they don’t drop every pass thrown their way.

Pittsburgh Steelers – Here’s our suggestion – let Antonio Brown run the wildcat – maybe even throw some passes to himself.

San Diego Chargers – Not sure we’ve ever seen a team lose more players to injury in two weeks than the Chargers.

San Francisco 49ers – We have to imagine that the Niners were tanking when they named Gabbert as their starter… Well that plan backfired.

Seattle Seahawks – No Game. No Recap.

St. Louis Rams – Dirty hit or not, Greg Williams carries a reputation with him and that play is going to be looked at closely.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Jameis isn’t racking up the wins, but you can see that this team is vastly improved from last year.

Tennessee Titans – Mariota wasn’t exactly accurate, but the bounces went his way and so did the win.

Washington Redskins – Definitely over-matched on both sides of the football. Maybe they should try RG3 at safety.