2012 Tour De France Overview

Starting on Saturday June 30th and ending on July 22nd 2012, this will be the 99th Tour De France. It will be made up of 1 prologue and 20 stages and will cover 3,479 kilometers.

This year’s Tour de France will include 21 stages: 9 flat stages, 4 medium mountain stages, 5 mountain stages, 2 individual time-trials, 1 prologue and 2 rest days.

Added to this year’s route are nine new stage towns.

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2012 Tour De France Stage Map

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The Yellow Jersey and Its Companions

The Yellow Jersey

The rider with the shortest time at the end of the Tour journey is declared the winner of the Tour de France. During the race, the rider with the shortest time at the end of each stage gets to wear the yellow jersey.

The Green Jersey

The green jersey is worn throughout the Tour by the leader of the points competition. Points are given at specific sprint and stage finishes.

The Polka-Dot Jersey

Points are given at the summit for mountain climbs that prove difficult enough to be rated.

The White Jersey

Riders 25 and younger compete for this jersey. The white jersey is given to the best young rider throughout the Tour.

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