The MMA Corner - Forrest Griffin

The MMA Corner – Intro

The MMA Corner - Forrest Griffin

Hello All Sports Talk readers, Jason here bringing you what hopes to be a running series, The MMA Corner written by yours truly. I just wanted to take a quick minute and thank Aaron and for giving me this opportunity to come on board and give my thoughts(or rants) on Mixed Martial Arts.

Now I will come out and say right off the bat that I am no MMA expert and will never claim to be. But I am more than just a casual fan. I have been a UFC fan for over 5 years and been an overall MMA fan for a little over 3 years now. I will admit that what got me into the UFC and MMA overall were fighters like Chuck Liddell, Rich Franklin and Matt Hughes, especially back when they were the big super stars in the UFC. And while we may have to say goodbye to another one of those three in the near future, they will always be some of my favorite fighters to ever walk into the octagon.

Now with all that in mind let me tell you from the get go that my favorite fighter is by far (if you couldn’t tell by the awesome banner) Forrest Griffin. While he may not be the best fighter in the world he is still my all time favorite because he just goes out there to have fun and puts it all on the line. Even though he didn’t quite back that up during his last outing, I still will always love watching him fight even if it’s him getting his ass beat for 15min (or 3 min a la Anderson Silva – That fight still haunts me). Not to mention he is hilarious in interviews and if I had to pick someone to hang out with from MMA it would be most certainly him. That is just one of my favorites and I will say right now I will not sugar coat my hate towards a fighter. You will either love my rants or hate my rants but either way I will take what ever comments you throw at me.

So please sit back and enjoy (or hate, whatever) as I take you through my views of this ever growing exciting sport we call Mixed Martial Arts. Also please keep in mind these are my own views and do not reflect the views of Thanks and see you next time….INSIDE THE MMA CORNER (cheesy I know).