Starting Your Own Sports-Fan Cave

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Every sports fan wants a place where they can watch a game without any interference or inhibitions.  Sure heading down to the local sports bar with a few of your buddies is great, but everyone’s dream is to eventually have their very own sports bar setting without leaving home.  Let’s run down the basics on what every fan-cave should offer.

Somewhere to Sit

Sure, this seems like a no-brainer, but nothing grinds an individual’s gears quite like having to play musical chairs all night.  Everyone wants to throw a party for the big game, but if you don’t have someplace for everyone to sit down, it becomes a hassle pretty quickly. If your fan-cave is big enough, you will want at least a couch and some recliners.  If you have a countertop where drinks and food are served, then bar stools are a must.  You have to make sure that your chairs and couch are arranged properly, however. You don’t want there to be a bad seat the house.

Something to Watch

Ah yes, the TV – the whole reason why we started this fan-cave.  You want to make sure that your TV is big enough so that everyone in every corner can clearly see what is going on at all times.  These days, LED is basically the standard, although you can find LCD and Plasma for relatively cheap.  Here are the recommended TV sizes based on your average viewing distance.  Just remember…I’ve never heard anyone complain that they got a TV that is too big.

Screen Size

Recommended Range


3.3′ – 6.5′


3.8′ – 7.6′


4.3′ – 8.5′


5.3′ – 10.5′


5.8′ – 11.5′


6.3′ – 12.5′


6.8′ – 12.8′


7.5′ – 15.0′


8.1′ – 16.3′


After you get a TV that is big enough, you want to make sure it has the best setup.  This means surround sound and all the major sports TV packages.

Something to Eat & Drink

Most sporting events take upwards of 3 hours – significantly longer if it’s the playoffs or championship game.  People gotta eat.  Since this is a fan-cave, a mini-fridge is a must; and it should be completely stocked with your beverage of choice.  You might not want to have a full-on kitchen in your fan-cave, but at least have a countertop or table where you can keep chips and other snacks.  Oh, and make sure you have a microwave in there. I know it sounds weird but think about how many times you’ve either had to pause the game or risk missing an important play because you needed something heated up for 30 seconds.

Something to Do

But we’re watching the game – isn’t that enough?  Eh, sort of, but remember, not everyone is going to be equally invested in the game at all times.  A pool table, air hockey, or even a card table set up behind the couches can really bring the whole fan experience together. If you have friends over, providing alternate activities is a must.

You can literally throw anything you want into your fan-cave.  You’ll want to make sure that your favorite sports teams are well represented so autographed items, framed jerseys, and team posters should take up just about any space on your wall that isn’t occupied by TV.  Just remember to make it fun – and for goodness sake, don’t skimp on the TV.


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  1. All good ideas, but how about an “umpire” dartboard. You know the kind with bonus points for made up, bogus collegiate rules. I recomend the one available from a manufacturer in Texas that gives you points for hitting the wall or even the floor.

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