Streaking Tulo Puts Rockies Back in Playoff Hunt

We have seen this every September for the past few years. The Colorado Rockies are all but out of the playoff race, and then like something out of a zombie movie, they come out of the grave, looking to feast on the brains of the NL West leaders.

Don’t look now, but the Rockies are within 2 games of the NL West lead and within 4 games of the NL Wildcard. And who do we have to thank this year? Troy Tulowitzki of course, whose onslaught of home runs in the past 2+ weeks has the Rockies yet again within striking distance of a playoff spot. The Rockies are certainly the team to watch, heading down the final stretch.

American League Playoff Race Update:

In the American League, the playoff races are becoming clearer. The Twins have a double digit lead over the White Sox in the AL Central, making that division all but theirs and pretty much dashing the playoff hopes of the Sox. The AL West leading Rangers are also enjoying their widest lead of the month at 9 games; which means we should be seeing them play a few extra games come October.

The AL East is still anyone’s division, and by anyone’s we mean either the Yanks or Rays. These two have traded spots on a near daily basis, with neither team seemingly able to hold onto first place. Rest assured both of these teams will make the playoffs, but don’t tell me that making the playoffs is good enough in NYC or Tampa – no, these teams want the AL East pennant, not just a wildcard spot.

National League Playoff Race Update:

Depending on who you ask, the NL playoff race is technically a little bit clearer. The Phillies are beginning to pull away from the Braves in the East and the Reds are quietly maintaining their cushion over the Cardinals in the Central. The NL West is playing a game of musical chairs, thanks to an early September meltdown by the Padres. Their lead which once sat at 6+ games, has turned into a deficit and they now trail the San Francisco Giants by a half game. And aside from trying to catch the Giants, they have to try to catch them faster than the Rockies can as they are no doubt feeling the cold Colorado mountain air breathing down their necks.

The Braves are sitting comfortably on top of the NL wildcard, which means that if any of the remaining teams in the NL West want to be playing October baseball, they had better win the division – it’s their best chance of making the 2010 MLB playoffs.

Here at All Sports Talk, we are going to be keeping a close eye on the Rockies, Giants, Padres, Yanks & Rays as they fight for playoff positioning and division pennants.