Today I Learned– College World Series Edition

Today I Learned:

  • That regular season stats and W/L records don’t mean anything come playoff time.
  • that teams with nothing to lose and everything to prove will always beat a team that walks around with a sense of entitlement
  • That “Intangible Factors” can be misinterpreted. You can easily mistake a team that consistently wins close games for a good team, instead of an underachieving team.
  • That coming in hot means a lot more than coming in cocky
  • That there’s a first time for everything and usually that first time comes at the worst time (UVA Losing back to back games for the first time all year cost them a spot in Omaha. ASU losing back to back games for the first time all year cost them a punchers chance at a title).
  • That National Seeds are nothing more than a target for your competition. Two out of three national seeds this year left Omaha winless (Florida & ASU)
  • What “Two and ‘cue” means. You play two games and then you go home to BBQ for the rest of the playoffs.
  • That one bad inning in Omaha can kill your season and erase the 500 innings of quality ball that preceded it.
  • That a good offense is better at boosting morale than good defense

Today I Learned that ASU will always break my heart.