NFL Hot Takes: Week 7

Arizona Cardinals: No matter how good Seattle’s defense played, a team with as many offensive weapons as the Cardinals cannot be held out of the endzone.

Atlanta Falcons: No idea what Dan Quinn was thinking going for a fourth and 1 from midfield. Decisions that cost you wins need to be more thought out than that.

Baltimore Ravens: I guess Baltimore isn’t the first team to lose to the Jets this year – but they might be the last. We knew their 3-0 start wouldn’t last, but didn’t think they were this bad.

Buffalo Bills: You’d think that a defensive-minded head coach like Rex Ryan would be able to put some emphasis on stopping a guy who had rushed for over 200 yards the week before. Guess not.

Carolina Panthers: BYE WEEK

Chicago Bears: Poor Brian Hoyer can’t catch a break. He finally gets the few fans that aren’t paying attention to the Cubs to lobby for him as a starter, and then he breaks his arm. This team is pretty bad all around.

Cincinnati Bengals: Sure, they ended up winning convincingly, but letting a Browns team that is down to their 19th string quarterback hang with you for two quarters is unacceptable.

Cleveland Browns: There’s no doubt that this team will be picking #1 in the next draft, and at the rate they are losing QB’s, they might have to draft a few of them just to stay afloat.

Dallas Cowboys: BYE WEEK


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Detroit Lions: I hate the Lions so much. All they do is win games they should lose, and lose games they should win. They are a team that can’t feel good about any win they have this year, and should feel horrible about every loss they have.

Green Bay Packers: Before Packers fans jump back on the Aaron Rodgers bandwagon – I just want to remind everyone that Chicago is in the bottom third in the league in pass defense.


Indianapolis Colts: I wonder if the Colts will hang a banner to commemorate their 15th win in a row against the Titans. It seems like something they would do. Also, the AFC South is a horrid division.

Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jags lost probably the most winnable game on their schedule this year, when you consider that they were (1) coming off a bye, (2) playing at home, (3) playing a team that has traveled across the country for the fourth time this season. #FireGusBradley

Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs are 2-0 in the division, but are just 2-2 outside the division with some ugly losses to the Texans and Steelers. Not ready to call this team contenders just yet.

Los Angeles Rams: We are starting to wonder why Jeff Fisher is so reluctant to play Jared Goff. I mean, you traded up for a guy who you didn’t deem to be NFL ready? Seems like a stupid move.

Miami Dolphins: It seems that after 4.5 seasons, the Dolphins realized that they shouldn’t center their offense around Ryan Tannehill. Let’s hope that Jay Ajayi doesn’t follow in the footsteps of the last Dolphins RB to rush for 200+ in consecutive weeks (cough cough Ricky Williams).

Minnesota Vikings: When your offense has a hard time moving the ball, ball security is of the utmost importance. So turning it over four times isn’t setting yourself up for success.

New England Patriots: With no Ben on the other side, you’d expect the Patriots to win more handily than they did. Luckily Pittsburgh wasn’t able to capitalize on any of their turnovers.

New Orleans Saints: Down and distance don’t matter when your defense gives up countless big plays. The only way this team even has a CHANCE to win is if Drew Brees is perfect and he was far from it yesterday.

New York Giants: Slow starts haven’t doomed this team yet, but they can’t keep beating bottom feeders by 1 score and expect to compete. Why is Eli having such a hard time finding his receivers?

New York Jets: If the Jets aren’t careful, they might play themselves right out of a top five pick – and at this rate they are going to need it.

Oakland Raiders: The scheduling nightmare for these Raiders hasn’t caught up to them yet, but luckily for them all of their east coast games have been against really bad teams. The two games they played against playoff contenders were L’s – just saying. - Customized NFL Gear

Philadelphia Eagles: Maybe Carson Wentz isn’t as good as everyone thought. He made some pretty awful throws on Sunday, but his defense bailed him out. Going to need to find a running game if they expect to compete though.

Pittsburgh Steelers: When you force two turnovers from the Patriots, you need to turn those into more than zero points. Missed field goals and red-zone turnovers won’t win you many games, so Landry Jones needs to improve or this team’s playoff chances will sink quickly.

San Diego Chargers: This team is scrappy for sure, and were somehow able to win a close game instead of losing it like they have all season long.

San Francisco 49ers: Gabbert wasn’t the answer. Kaepernick isn’t the answer. Chip Kelly isn’t the answer. It’s just a comedy of errors up in San Fran. At least it’s an even year so the Giants should win the World Series… oh wait.

Seattle Seahawks: You can blame the kickers all you want for last night’s debacle, but Arizona has given up more than six points to far inferior offenses this year. Russell Wilson isn’t the same without his ability to scramble and Christine Michael is not nearly as good as Marshawn Lynch.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Getting a win in a game you should win isn’t a bad thing, but there’s really not much to take away from Sunday. Doug Martin should be back soon which will help, but the Bucs aren’t going anywhere this year.

Tennessee Titans: I have to apologize for putting the jinx on the Titans. In the third quarter I said “how crazy is it that there’s a good chance the Titans are tied for the division lead on Tuesday morning” which is all that the football gods needed to smite Tennessee’s chances.

Washington Redskins: Let’s not delude ourselves into thinking that Josh Norman’s absence caused the ‘skins to give up the game winning touchdown when all they had to do was keep them out of the endzone for 1:18. Sad