Week 7: NFL Game Wrap-Up

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arizona-cardinals-200Arizona Cardinals – This defense hasn’t been the turnover machine that it was in weeks past and it’s making for some interesting games.

atlanta-falcons-200Atlanta Falcons – How do you have Devonta Freeman, Julio Jones, and Matt Ryan; and only beat the Tennessee Titans by 3 points?

baltimore-ravens-200Baltimore Ravens – Apparently Flacco is only elite when he has elite receivers to throw to

buffalo-bills-200Buffalo Bills – Buffalo fans who were so pumped to have Rex Ryan as their coach are probably singing a different tune after the teams loss in London.

carolina-panthers-200Carolina Panthers – The real reason the Panthers are 6-0? Cam Newton’s smile… and the best linebackers in the league.

chicago-bears-200Chicago Bears – No Game. No Recap.

cincinnati-bengals-200Cincinnati Bengals – No Game. No Recap.

cleveland-browns-200Cleveland BrownsThis video sums up the Browns season in 10 seconds.

dallas-cowboys-200Dallas Cowboys – No comment. Next question.

denver-broncos-200Denver Broncos – No Game. No Recap.

detroit-lions-200Detroit Lions – Matt Stafford got beat the hell up in this game and if he isn’t concussed, is probably wondering how a playoff team goes 1-6 the next year.

green-bay-packers-200Green Bay Packers – No Game. No Recap.

houston-texans-200Houston Texans – JJ Watt and company have allowed more first touchdowns (12) than some teams have given up all year.

indianapolis-colts-200Indianapolis Colts – If Pagano is fighting for his job, is it possible that he’s running an injured Luck out there; or is Luck just really that bad this year?

jacksonville-jaguars-200Jacksonville Jaguars – Just when the Jaguars were in the middle of reminding everyone that they’re the Jaguars, they actually pull out a win.

kansas-city-chiefs-200Kansas City Chiefs – Nobody wants to say it, but this win might have just killed their chances at the #1 pick next year.

miami-dolphins-200Miami Dolphins – Ryan Tannehill holds the NFL record for consecutive completions at 25; yes – you heard that correctly.

minnesota-vikings-200Minnesota Vikings – The Vikings are the class of the NFC North*  Note: this only includes teams that played on Sunday.

new-england-patriots-200New England Patriots – Tom Brady filled in nicely for injured RB, Dion Lewis by leading the team in rushing TD’s (1), attempts (4), and yards (15).

new-orleans-saints-200New Orleans Saints – With a chance at winning the division all but lost, the Saints can just play spoiler – and they’re doing a good job.

new-york-giants-200New York Giants – As the temperature on Coughlin’s coaching seat heats up, so do the Giants, always playing just well enough to keep him employed.

new-york-jets-200New York Jets – According to the announcers, the reason the Jets didn’t have any timeouts to use late in the game is because they didn’t use them earlier… what?

oakland-raiders-200Oakland Raiders – The Raiders seemed to enjoy their romp in Southern California – maybe this will make a great permanent home.

philadelphia-eagles-200Philadelphia Eagles – Maybe part of Chip Kelly’s plan to run more plays includes receivers dropping balls to stop the clock… probably not, but you never know.

pittsburgh-steelers-200Pittsburgh Steelers – I think we can officially say that Ben Roethlisberger’s job is safe – Landry Jones has a ways to go.

san-diego-chargers-200San Diego Chargers – Rivers threw the ball 58 times – a figure which is slightly lower than the number of kids he hopes to eventually have.

san-francisco-49ers-200San Francisco 49ers – I hope this team’s strategy is to play for the #1 pick in the 2016 NFL draft, because they’re certainly playing that way.

seattle-seahawks-200Seattle Seahawks – A win against the lowly Niners was just what the Legion of Boom needed to feel good about themselves again.

saint-louis-rams-200St. Louis Rams – If it’s true that defense wins championships, then we should start fitting these guys for Super Bowl rings immediately.

tampa-bay-buccaneers-200Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Oh the Buccos – snagging defeat from the jaws of victory.

tennessee-titans-200Tennessee Titans – Not since 2005 have two teams combined for less than 18 points.

washington-redskins-200Washington RedskinsYOU LIKE THAT. YOU LIKE THAT.