So What? Who Cares? Super Regional Prediction Edition

In a three game series, literally anything can happen. A team can hit a dry streak and what was once a 50 win season can turn into nothing more than a “thanks for showing up” and a pat on the back. Unfortunately, the best team does not always win in these short series’ which is what makes it so interesting. You pray that your team can maintain the momentum that got it this far because every team they face from here on out is top tier.

2010 NCAA Baseball Super Regionals – Matchups & Predictions

The field has been narrowed down to 16 teams, and after this weekend (weather permitting) we will have eight college baseball teams punching their tickets for Omaha. The College Baseball Super Regionals are a best of 3 series, with the higher seed hosting the lower seed. The weekend series’ will determine who gets a trip to the College World Series and a shot at the national championship.